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Clean Room Test

The rooms, which are built and used to prevent any particles in the air from entering the room or entering the room, are also called clean rooms where the values ​​such as humidity, temperature and pressure are kept under constant control. Then the features of a clean room can be listed as follows:

  • Microorganisms and particles should be blocked from entering the clean room.
  • In a way, the particles and microorganisms that appear in the clean room should be cleaned continuously.
  • Contamination and contamination in clean rooms should be limited.
  • A clean room should have a corridor or a column-like technical area.
  • The circulation of materials, products or employees in the clean room must be controlled.

The areas of use of a clean room prepared in this way are:

  • Food production enterprises
  • Cosmetics production companies
  • Enterprises producing medical equipment
  • Hospitals operating room and intensive care units
  • Enterprises producing electronic materials
  • Laboratories

The need for clean rooms is due to reducing the risk of cross-contamination, producing products of the same quality, and protecting employees, products and the environment.

When preparing or designing a cleanroom, the following requirements should be considered:

  • Convenient ventilation system
  • Suitable dimensions and design
  • Suitable building materials
  • Suitable equipment
  • Appropriate hygiene practices
  • Employee training
  • Suitable circulation conditions

What is the scope of clean room testing?

It is necessary to measure and report whether the clean rooms meet the conditions specified in the standards and whether this condition is maintained or not, using appropriate devices and methods.

Clean room tests can be done with the company's own resources, accredited independent testing and inspection organizations. However, these tests are not preferred due to the fact that the company carries out these tests with its own means, the high cost of the equipment and maintenance, the calibration of the equipment being a separate cost element, the difficulty of finding qualified personnel, the continuous improvement of the test methods and the most importantly, the principle of impartiality is not fully achieved.

The standards to be considered in the tests to be performed are:

  • Clean rooms and their controlled environments - Part 14644: Classification of air purity by particle concentration
  • TS EN ISO 14644-2 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 2: Clean room for air purification with particle concentration
  • TS EN ISO 14644-3 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 3: Test methods
  • TS EN ISO 14644-4 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 4: Design, construction and commissioning
  • TS EN ISO 14644-5 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 5: Operation
  • TS EN ISO 14644-6 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 6: Terms and definitions
  • TS EN ISO 14644-7 Clean rooms and associated controlled environments - Part 7: Separating devices (clean air hoods, gloveboxes, insulators and mini-environments)
  • TS EN ISO 14644-8 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 8: Classification of airborne molecular contamination
  • TS EN ISO 14644-9 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 9: Classification of surface cleanliness by particle concentration
  • TS EN ISO 14644-10 Clean rooms and associated environments - Part 10: Classification of surface cleanliness by chemical concentration

our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc.provides testing services in accordance with national and international standards and with an impartial approach and complies with the standards of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Inspection Organizations. You can request more information about clean room tests or other tests from our organization.



Clean Room Test