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Wind Speed ​​Measurement

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Wind Speed ​​Measurement

More attention has been given to renewable energy sources recently. In this context, especially wind energy is used a lot. However, what is important is efficiency in such systems. The way of efficiency and high level of energy production in wind energy systems is through regular measurement and monitoring studies.

Wind measurements should be made in accordance with the quality and standards. The measurements should be made at several points in the area where the wind turbine will be installed. Especially if a high power system is to be installed, it is very important to take wind measurements to make an accurate and efficient investment.

Wind measurements are based on many meteorological variables such as wind speed, direction, air temperature, humidity and pressure level. In addition, the height of the measurement should be determined according to the topographic characteristics of the place where the system will be installed.

The types, number and heights of the meteorological measurement tools to be used in the measurements are determined entirely depending on the measurement needs. Measurements are repeated at regular intervals and recorded regularly. This data is transmitted to a center and evaluated statistically.

Wind measurements should be carried out along at least one path for good assessment of changing seasonal conditions.

When measuring wind speed, wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, hAVA temperature sensor, relative humidity sensor, pressure sensor and öTools such as an entire recorder are used. The most important sensors to be used in wind measurements are anemometer and direction sensors. These devices must have a calibration certificate.

Wind measurement systems can be made in three different ways to determine wind speed and direction: mechanically (anemometer), ultrasonic method or laser-based devices. In addition, different methods are used in the wind measurement business. With these methods, the results of wind speed changes and direction are obtained.

What is the scope of wind speed measurement?

In 2012, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs issued a measurement standard communiqué for license applications based on wind and solar energy. This Communiqué regulates the principles for making and evaluating wind and solar measurements to be performed within the scope of the standard.

According to the Communiqué, the following values ​​should be measured or calculated at five-second intervals in wind measuring stations:

  • Average, standard deviation, minimum and maximum values ​​for wind speed
  • Average and standard deviation values ​​for wind direction

For other parameters, the mean, minimum and maximum values ​​should be recorded at one or ten minute intervals.

Some of the national and international standards that should be taken into consideration during these studies can be listed as follows:

  • TS EN 61400-1 Wind turbines - Part 1: Design guidelines
  • TS EN 61400-2 Wind turbines - Part 2: Small wind turbines
  • TS EN 61400-4 Wind turbines - Part 4: Special requirements for gear boxes
  • TS EN 61400-12-1 Wind turbines - Part 12-1: Measurement of energy performance of electricity generating wind turbines
  • TS EN 61400-12-2 Wind turbines - Part 12-1: Power performance measurements of wind turbines generating electricity by working with wind speed measurement system via motor housing
  • TS EN 61400-11 Wind turbines - Part 11: Acoustic noise measurement techniques
  • TS EN 61400-13 Wind turbines - Part 13: Measurement of mechanical loads
  • TS EN 61400-21 Wind turbines - Part 21: Measurement and evaluation of power quality characteristics in grid connected wind turbines

our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc.provides measurement services in accordance with national and international standards and with an impartial approach and complies with the standards of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Inspection Organizations. You can request more information about wind speed measurement or other measurements from our company.

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