Professional Service

Professional Service

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Professional Service

There are a number of criteria that indicate whether an organization is professional. For example, is that organization experienced in the field it serves? When it was established. How long has it been serving in this sector? Where is the headquarters? Who are the managers and employees? What is the education level of managers and employees? What expertise documents do they have? Do they have sufficient tools, equipment and equipment in the areas they serve? How sensitive is it to the health and safety of employees and environmental conditions?

What management system and standards does it implement and which documents provide quality, trust and accuracy in its services and accelerate its activities? To what extent can it offer corporate programs to its customers? Are the results of their services reported accurately and reliably? What are their past experiences? Is it able to provide strong references to its services? Are their methods sufficiently clear and understandable?

And of course what is the cost of services? Is it possible to pay to customers? Are the fees demanded exactly for the service?

This list can be further extended. Consequently, making the right choice and getting a professional service is extremely important in terms of obtaining honest, fast, high quality and reliable service.

our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc.offers a professional service to individuals and organizations that demand service from them at a level that can be answered positively to all of these questions.

Our company TÜRCERT exhibits professional management without compromising the principles of confidentiality, impartiality, independence and honest service in product and service certification studies or measurement, analysis, testing, inspection and evaluation services. We will continue to provide honest, fast, quality and reliable service.

Our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. is based on the following principles of professional service:

  • Standards-compliant service

Our company TÜRCERT conducts its activities within the framework of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Inspection Institutions and performs accreditation in accordance with the principles of this standard while performing all kinds of product and service certification studies or providing measurement, analysis, testing, inspection and evaluation services. authority.

  • Impartial, independent and honest service

Our company TÜRCERT is committed to providing impartial, independent and honest service in all kinds of services it provides. It operates under the influence of the parties or any other organization, without receiving any opinions, suggestions or instructions from any organization, and without acting to benefit any organization. It stops its activities as soon as it sees a risk that will question its decisions and accuracy in this regard from the parties that risk their independence and impartiality (from companies that design, produce, assemble, manufacture, supply, or provide maintenance services).

  • Protection of information and documents

Our company TÜRCERT, in all the services it offers to its customers, has a number of documents and reports and a number of documents and reports in accordance with the conditions of the work performed. Sharing such documents with unrelated third parties or disclosing them to the public is a requirement of confidentiality commitment. Our company is a requirement of TÜRCERT's professionalism for the protection, confidentiality and confidentiality of its copyrights, patent rights, R & D work or similar intellectual property information. In addition, ISO 17020 Certificate in accordance with the importance of confidentiality is a requirement of the standards.

  • Strong staff and strong infrastructure

Our company TÜRCERT has a strong managerial staff and strong staff. Offered to Customers to provide accurate, fast, high quality, complete and reliable services, has a well-trained and experienced staff and a solid infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology.