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Lightning Rod Measurement

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Lightning Rod Measurement

Lightning rod, or popularly known as the lightning rod, is a means of transferring the electrical charge to the ground. As it is known, during the collision or convergence of two clouds, electron discharge occurs between them. This phenomenon, which causes an image of intense light, is called lightning. If this electrical discharge occurs between the sky and the earth, it is called lightning.

In more technical terms, lightning is a visible electrical discharge caused by the accumulation of excessive negative or positive electrical charge in a cloud cluster. For the lightning to occur, the electrical charge must be strong enough to break the air resistance. Lightning can occur between clouds, between cloud and weather, or between cloud and ground. It is estimated that the number of lightning flashes per second varies between 50 and 100 worldwide.

Lightning is a very dangerous type of lightning that occurs between the cloud and the ground. To a large extent, a negative charge of electricity is emitted by lightning. However, lightning strikes in winter largely distribute positive electrical charges to the earth.

During a lightning strike, the difference in electrical potential between the earth and the cloud increases to 100 million volts. At this time, the intensity of the electric current reaches 30 thousand amperes and the temperature reaches 30 thousand degrees. Lightning occurs very quickly. The descent from the cloud to the ground takes 30 milliseconds, and 100 milliseconds from the ground to the center of the cloud.

In order to protect against lightning, devices called lightning rods are placed on the buildings, close to the sky. In simple terms, a lightning rod is an iron rod connected to the ground. So grounding is essential in the working system. The lightning arriving to the lightning rod, which is an iron conductor, is neutralized by the grounding system.

Importance of Lightning Rod Measurement

A lightning strike is when a lightning strike occurs between the earth and the cloud. The electrical charge described above can lead to the death of living things and is very dangerous. Every year around the world, 24 thousand people die as a result of lightning and 240 thousand people are injured. Such a dangerous situation can only be prevented by lightning rods in residential areas.

The Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment deals with lightning rods under installations in Annex (III-III) on maintenance, repair and periodic checks. Accordingly, regular inspections of lightning rods must be carried out once a year unless otherwise specified in the relevant standards. These inspections must be carried out by electrical engineers, electrical technicians or high technicians.

The legal regulations to be considered during these checks are:

  • Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations issued in 2001
  • Implementing Regulation on Electric High Current Installations issued in 2000
  • Regulation on Electrical Indoor Facilities issued in 1984
  • TS EN 60079-14 Electrical devices - Used in explosive atmospheres - Part 14: Design, selection and installation of electrical installations
  • TS EN 60079-17 Explosive gas atmospheres - Part 17: Inspection and maintenance of electrical installations

Consequently, lightning rod systems are one of the most important systems in terms of providing security in production facilities, buildings and factories. Failure to take regular measurements jeopardizes the life and property safety of employees and the enterprise. Any problems or disruptions in the lightning rod system will cause the lightning rod to fail to function. This is a serious risk. The Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations, which entered into force in 2001, also obliges measurements to be made in order to prevent damage to employees and facilities in case of lightning.


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Lightning Rod Measurement