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Technical Measurements and Evaluation

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Technical Measurements and Evaluation Inspection and Controls

Technical Measurements and Evaluation

Enterprises from every sector use a number of technical devices and equipment during the production of goods and services. These devices must be installed correctly and must not harm the safety of employees and property during the correct operation and operation of the equipment. This is only possible with technical measurements and evaluations.

For example, employees need to be protected from mechanical vibrations of their equipment or from high noise. In order to achieve this and to prevent health and safety risks, it is necessary to measure and control the level of mechanical vibration and noise that employees face.

Another example is electric vehicles such as lighting fixtures, generators, electric motors and transformers. These vehicles are the most frequently used electric vehicles. The metal parts of these devices which are not under voltage during operation must be connected to the earth by means of a conductor. In the event of an electrical leakage, this grounding work that puts human life at risk must be performed correctly and checked.

Businesses' offices and production facilities should always be prepared for a fire hazard. Depending on the field of activity and capacity of the enterprise, diesel or electric fire pumps, fire hoses, fire room, fire collectors, pump panels should be installed and they should be operational. However, even if there is no need to use it so far, fire installation and hose measurements should be performed at regular intervals.

In addition to those listed above, there are many test and inspection institutions for making and evaluating many different technical measurements. Meanwhile, our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. conducts the following measurements and examinations and draws up a conformity report for those found appropriate:

  • Grounding measurement
  • Lightning rod measurement
  • Electrical panel measurement
  • Cathodic protection measurement
  • Measurement of fault current protection devices (leakage current relay test operations)
  • Electrical internal installation inspection compliance report
  • Continuity tests
  • Insulation and insulation test
  • Grounding plant control and measurement
  • Current carrying control of conductors
  • Cycle impedance measurement
  • Thermal camera imaging service
  • Energy analysis (harmonic) measurement
  • Electromagnetic field measurement
  • Measurement of ventilation and air conditioning installation
  • Fire installation and hose measurement

Importance of Technical Measurements and Evaluation

These technical measurements and evaluations are of great importance for the life safety and health of the employees, and then for the safety of the goods and equipment of the enterprise.

The Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment, which covers all workplaces covered by the Occupational Health and Safety Law, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2003, largely serves this purpose. The regulation was also prepared in accordance with the European Union Directive 2009 / 2009 / EC published in 104.

The maintenance, repair and regular inspections of the work equipment must be carried out under the conditions and periods determined in the relevant national and international standards. Technical measurements and assessments must also take into account the data of the manufacturer and the requirements of science and technology.

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual measurements and evaluations of the work equipment shall be carried out by the authorized services or the persons and establishments assigned by the workplace as specified in the relevant standards or as determined by the manufacturer.

our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. provides all kinds of measurement and evaluation services mentioned above and together with a competent manager and employee staff and a strong infrastructure.



Technical Measurements and Evaluation

Technical Measurements and Evaluations

Fire Hose Measurement Simply put, three factors must be combined for the combustion event: heat, oxygen and flammable substances.
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Measurement Central air-conditioning and ventilation systems, from closed shopping malls to factory facilities ...
Electromagnetic Field Measurement Many electric vehicles are used throughout the day. Mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, ...
Energy Analysis (Harmonic) Measurement We regularly measure, analyze and evaluate the quality of electricity in devices that consume electrical energy ...
Thermal Camera Imaging Service The thermal imager is an imaging system. In this system, the imaging method is used to detect invisible infrared energy (ie ...
Cycle Impedance Measurement In order to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of an electrical installation, it is very important that the measurements are carried out regularly and accurately ...
Current Conveying Control of Conductors Objects that pass electrical energy or heat energy are physically called conductive substances. Electrical conductivity, an object ...
Grounding Plant Control and Measurement The grounding process is a conductor of the housings against the danger of any electrical leakage of electrically ...
Insulation / Insulation Testing Normally, an insulation must be provided between the live parts and the non-live parts ....
Continuity Tests Grounding in living spaces, production facilities or in any area where electrical safety needs to be ensured ...
Electrical Internal Installation Inspection Compliance Report In places where electrical equipment such as an industrial facility, shopping mall, housing, mosque, cinema, theater or hospital ...
Measurement of Fault Current Protection Schemes In an electrical circuit, the electric current normally enters the phase and leaves the neutral. In a properly functioning electrical circuit ...
Cathodic Protection Measurement Most metals are corroded on contact with air and water. Briefly gnawed, that is, oxidized or other ...
Electrical Panel Measurement Controlled and safe use of electricity is essential. In particular, all equipment that uses electricity in businesses and electrical ...
Lightning Rod Measurement Lightning rod or lightning bolt, commonly known as a lightning rod, is a device used to transfer the electrical charge ...
Grounding Measurement The reaction of the soil when the electric current passes is called soil resistance. Grounding measurement, to measure this resistance, ...