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Mobile Crane Inspection

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Mobile Crane Inspection and Controls

Mobile Crane Inspection

Mobile cranes are high-tonnage construction machines that can perform loading, unloading and transfer works, working with electricity or fuel. In addition to mobile ones, these cranes are also available on a platform. Mobile cranes are managed by using electronic or mechanical control systems located inside or outside the crane cabinets. Persons using mobile cranes work in all weather conditions, according to shift procedures and according to a prepared working schedule. Areas where mobile cranes will be used can be open or closed areas. There are always risks of accidents and injuries that require occupational health and safety precautions when using mobile cranes. For this reason, in various legal regulations, the methods of using these cranes and the features that the users should have are given. Mobile cranes between lifting and conveying equipment should not be used by unqualified and untrained persons.

Mobile cranes are machines used to lift loads, move the lifted load to another location, relocate, or load and unload. These cranes are also capable of vertical or horizontal movement in accordance with their general structure.

In history, it is seen that the first cranes in accordance with today's use were used in ports in the eleventh century. These cranes, which were generally made of wood with the facilities of those days, were used during the construction of ships or for loading and unloading of goods. In order to operate these cranes, animal, human, wind or water power was used. With the industrialization, iron and steel replaced the wood and steam power was started to be used. The first crane powered by steam power was built in the nineteenth century. Subsequently, engines, electric motors and hydraulic systems were introduced.

Hydraulic mobile crane sector in the world and in our country is in a great development. Especially in the construction sector, mobile cranes are mostly used in lifting, rescue and assembly works in recent years. The mobile crane market is experiencing intense competition.

Control and Inspection Principles of Mobile Cranes

According to the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, mobile cranes in the workplace must be suitable for the work to be carried out and should not harm the workers in terms of health and safety. What is important is that when using mobile cranes, they do not pose a danger to the health and safety of workers. Nevertheless, if employers cannot fully ensure the health and safety of their employees, they must at least strive to reduce the possible risks to acceptable levels.

our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc.performs regular inspections of mobile cranes located between the lifting and conveying equipments of the enterprises and reports the errors and dangerous situations detected during the inspection to the enterprise.

According to the provisions of the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment, mobile cranes must be inspected and inspected at least once a year unless another time is specified in the relevant standards. In case of an unexpected danger, employers are responsible for the consequences. Regular inspection of mobile cranes is therefore both a legal requirement and a health and safety condition for employees. The regulation also includes the criteria to be considered during the control periods and controls and the relevant standards according to the types and characteristics of mobile cranes.

Our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc., a competent manager and employee staff and has a strong infrastructure. It provides high quality, reliable and fast inspection services for mobile cranes of all sizes and capacities.



Mobile Crane Inspection