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Legionella and Pool Control

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Legionella and Pool Inspection and Controls

Legionella and Pool Control

Legionella is a species of bacteria. The disease caused by this bacterium is called legionary disease and it is an infectious disease affecting the lungs. Legionella bacteria that cause this disease live in water and soil. This disease occurred in American soldiers who first attended the American Legion Congress. In 1976, this disease, which was not understood before, also caused deaths. It was later discovered that a bacterium was the cause of this disease, which was later called legionella. This disease does not pass from person to person.

Bacteria are generally easily housed and multiplied in moist environments and currents. Legionella disease is called air conditioning disease. Because bacteria can easily settle in the air conditioner and enter the human body. These bacteria can live in the air conditioner and inhabit the air by spreading people.

In order to avoid serious and fatal legionnaires' disease, it is necessary to be in disinfected environments and to take care of the water system devices used. In this respect, it is necessary to pay much attention to the water parts of the foods. It is very important that the domestic water is boiled at 70 for at least half an hour. Chlorination method is not much preferred today due to cancer effect. Instead, metallic ionization is used more as an effective cleaning method.

Likewise, the greatest danger for pools is the formation of bacteria. In order to have a safe and healthy pool, it must comply with standards and disinfection rules. The characteristics of the pool water should comply with the standards. Water should be biologically clean. It should be free from microorganisms and not cause diseases. In this respect, pool water needs to be continuously controlled chemically, physically and bacteriologically.

Legionella and Pool Control How?

Legionella bacteria are generally housed in: cooling devices and air conditioners, hot and cold water systems, water tanks, shower heads and hot water taps, thermal baths and spas, room humidifiers, mechanical breathing apparatuses. In order to prevent Legionella bacteria from settling in the plants and at these points, each enterprise should have the necessary controls and measurements performed at regular intervals. Likewise, the processes for the maintenance and control of swimming pools should be determined and implemented.

In order to detect the threat and risk of legionella in a timely manner, first of all, exploration and evaluation studies are carried out in order to identify critical control points in the enterprises. Microorganism control is then carried out. In the meantime, on-site samples are taken, these samples are transported under appropriate conditions and legionella detection and counting procedures are performed by culture method or PCR method. The Regulation on the Principles and Procedures for Legionnaires' Disease Control was issued by the Ministry of Health in 2015 to be applied in the establishments where heating, central cooling and ventilation systems are used for routine preventive measures.

In the same way, on-site samples are taken for water pool control, these samples are transported under appropriate conditions and physical, chemical and microbiological pool water analyzes are performed.

The organizations providing test and inspection services also provide various measurement, inspection and control services in accordance with national and international standards and with an impartial approach. These organizations are accredited in accordance with the standards of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Inspection Organizations and carry out their activities within the scope of this accreditation.


our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification also operating on the basis of the authority it receives from national and international accreditation bodies. It provides legionella and pool control services to enterprises with a competent manager and employee staff and a strong infrastructure.

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