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Hot Water Boiler Control Inspection

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Hot Water Boiler Control Inspection

According to the Energy Efficiency Law enacted in 2007, a central system will be used for heating areas larger than 2000 square meters. Therefore, central heating systems, which are fed with hot water, have become more important. Central heating means the use of energy obtained from a point by spreading. By means of central heating, independent structures and facilities are prevented from generating heat on their own. In this system, the heat produced in the center is conveyed with superheated water or steam above 110 degree. In the center, hot water boiler and expansion tank are used to produce this heat. In order to keep the hot water at the desired temperature, it is necessary to keep the whole system under a certain pressure continuously. In systems where this pressure is supplied with steam, the pressure taken as a safety is not too high. Therefore, expansion vessel is used in the system. The expansion vessel receives the expansion while acting as a pressure center.

Systems that provide pressure with steam are evolving. There are many types of these systems. In some systems a volume of steam is separated in the superheated water boiler. In some systems, water is heated directly by steam. In some systems, a separate steam chamber provides natural pressure.

For the safe operation of hot water boilers, it is necessary to carry out the installation and operation works in accordance with the rules and to have regular inspections and inspections done in a timely manner.

Control and Inspection Principles of Hot Water Boilers

In 2013, the hot water boilers and expansion vessels, pressure vessels and installations are mentioned in the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. In this context, the legal regulations to be taken into consideration in the control and inspection operations of hot water boilers are as follows:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive (2007)
  • Portable Pressure Equipment Regulation (2012)
  • Regulation on Simple Pressure Vessels (2006)

The standards to be considered according to the regulation are explained as follows:

  • TS 2025 Steam boilers operation - General rules of inspection and maintenance
  • TS EN 13445-5 Pressure receptacles - Non-contact - Section 5: Inspection and testing
  • TS EN 12952-6 Water tube boilers and auxiliary installations - Part 6: Inspection during manufacture. Documentation and marking of pressure-exposed parts.
  • TS 497 Boilers - Steel (welded)
  • TS 377-12 EN 12953-12 Cylindrical boilers - Part 12: Part of the specification standard for grate combustion systems of solid fuel boilers.

The principle of hydrostatic tests is applied in regular control and inspection operations of hot water boilers in accordance with the regulation. During these tests, which must be carried out at least once a year, the 1,5 multiple of operating pressure is applied if there is no condition contrary to the aforementioned standards. However, considering the conditions where the hot water boilers are used, if there is no possibility of hydrostatic testing, then non-destructive testing methods specified in the standards may be used instead of hydrostatic tests. However, if the tests have been carried out in this way, this must be clearly stated in the reports to be issued after the inspection and controls.

In addition, the checks to be made must be done by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians registered in the electronic system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Otherwise, neither the transactions performed nor the reports issued shall have validity.

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