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Land Tanker Inspection

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Land Tanker Inspection

Today, hazardous materials are used in many sectors and the need for transportation of dangerous goods increases with the same rate due to the developing transportation activities. This situation causes major accidents and environmental pollution which have irreparable effects on living things and environmental conditions. On the other hand, industrial wastes must be transported in order to be recycled, disposed or stored. Countries that are responsible for this work have issued a number of legal regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. With these regulations, not only the road, but also the iron, sea and airway transportation methods and principles to be observed were determined. However, according to statistics, the percentage of roads in dangerous goods transport is close to 50.

Not only countries but also large organizations are working to prevent hazards that may arise in the transport of dangerous goods. A wide range of rules have been established within this framework. These rules are intended to protect human health and the environment (animals, plants, lands, water resources).

Dangerous substances means substances that pose a danger to human health and environmental conditions during transport due to their properties, structure or condition.

In order to avoid possible dangers, the ADR Convention was established in 1957 (European Agreement on International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road). With this agreement, it is aimed to increase safety in international transportation by road. All European Union countries and countries wishing to become members of the Union must comply with this convention (EU Directive 94 / 55). In our country, the Regulation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road entered into force at the beginning of the year.

For the safe operation of the road tankers used in the transport of dangerous goods, regular inspections and inspections are required.

Control and Inspection Principles of Land Tankers

Apart from the aforementioned regulation, there are other legal regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous goods. For example,

  • Regulation on Control of Pollution Caused by Hazardous Substances in Water and Environment
  • Implementing Regulation on the Safe Transport of Radioactive Substances
  • Medical Waste Control Regulation
  • Regulation on Control of Hazardous Wastes
  • Implementing Regulation on Motor Vehicles and Trailers Designed for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
  • TS 1445 Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) - Transport Rules
  • TS 1449 LPG filling and unloading rules - Safety requirements
  • Dangerous Chemicals Regulation

In addition to fulfilling the relevant legal regulations during the loading, transporting and unloading of dangerous goods, it is obligatory for land tankers to comply with certain principles and conditions. The substances loaded on the tanker must be suitable for the tanker as well as the tanker. The electrical components of land tankers are very special. In addition, during the operation of the tanker, the heated components are specially protected to prevent flammable liquids such as gasoline from being carried out or flammable gases such as propane.

Tests and inspections of land tankers should be carried out at regular intervals in order to avoid any danger. Land tankers are included in the pressure vessels and installations group and are subject to the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Regular inspections and inspections should be carried out by mechanical engineers, mechanical technicians or technicians registered in the electronic system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. However, checks performed outside of these persons are valid and their reports are accepted.

As many test and inspection organizations TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. provides periodic control and inspection services of land tankers. Our organization has a competent manager and employee staff and a strong infrastructure in this field.



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