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Steam Boiler Inspection

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Steam Boiler Control Inspection

Generally used to produce steam, coal, fossil fuels, diesel, natural gas or waste oil is obtained by burning the heat used to heat the water in the boiler is called a steam boiler. They are therefore mainly used for heating and generating energy. In short, steam boilers are the devices used to obtain the desired temperature and amount of steam. Steam is preferred in the industry, it is a very good heat carrier, it has high heat transfer properties and there is no need for any pumping system since heat conduction is very easy.

Steam boilers can be used with small amounts of water.̈high quality steam üThey are used to produce. Water volumes are small because it works quickly,ık steam requirements fast and that unnecessary energy is wasted.̈is eliminated.

A wide variety of steam boilers are available. Part of it is flame tube. In this system, the hot gases generated by the combustion of fuel pass through the water tank with pipes. Some of them are water pipe boilers. This system is used more in industrial plants because there is excess steam production at high temperature and pressure. In this system, flames and fumes pass around the pipes containing water. In some steam boilers, forced water circulation is provided. In water tube boilers, if it is desired to circulate water faster than normal, water is pumped to the boiler with the help of a pump. However, steam boilers are generally made of steel of any kind.

Steam boilers are the most commonly used fields: construction materials industry, steam heating systems such as heating installations, electricity production in thermal power plants (steam turbines), petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical and food sector for sterilization, petroleum refineries, chemical processes, paper industry and more. in many areas.

For the safe operation of steam boilers, installation and operation activities must be carried out in accordance with the rules and regular inspections and inspections should be carried out on time.

Control and Inspection Principles of Steam Boilers

In the first boilers, the amount of pressure does not exceed 1.7 times of atmospheric pressure. With the twentieth century, 20 was reached to the atmosphere in steam boilers. Today, the pressure of the most commonly used steam boilers varies between 40 and 50 atmospheres. In industry, 100 can be above the atmosphere. Steam boilers, which cause serious risks to life and property safety in case of explosion, are discussed in the article titled Pressure Vessels and Installations issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment. In this context, boilers are covered by the following legal regulations:

  • Regulation on Pressure Equipment
  • Implementing Regulation on Portable Pressure Equipment
  • Implementing Regulation on Simple Pressure Vessels

In addition, the standards to be considered for steam boilers are:

  • TS 2025 Steam boilers operation - General rules of inspection and maintenance
  • TS EN 13445-5 Pressure receptacles - Non-contact - Section 5: Inspection and testing

In accordance with these standards and legal regulations, hydrostatic testing is required in principle for boilers. These tests should be carried out with the 1,5 multiplied operating pressure, unless otherwise required by the relevant standards. In addition, tests must be performed at least once a year.

Like many test and inspection organizations TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. also performs the inspection and inspection of steam boilers within the scope of regular inspections and inspections of pressure vessels. In our staff, there are mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians who will perform these tests. These regulations stipulate that these tests must be carried out by these persons. Our organization has a competent manager and employee staff and a strong infrastructure in this field.



Steam Boiler Control Inspection