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Quick Service

Our age is the age of speed. Time is not enough for people. Everyone is in a hurry to catch something, something. But most of the time, it is not enough for people to be fast. He expects others to be fast, not to cut their own pace, and that others will be able to reach their own pace. In this way, speed in the service sector is the most important factor of customer satisfaction.

But to be fast and hurry are the same things? In fact, there is a serious difference between rushing and being fast. Hurrying is to try to act more quickly when a person is doing a job. However, behind the rush, there is a quick decision to go into practice immediately. So there is a flurry. Then there is a high risk of rushing to do something wrong. Doing fast means that a decided job is completed as soon as possible. Being fast for an enterprise means completing a defined activity within the specified rules and criteria within the shortest time.

For this reason, moving fast in terms of enterprises is the most important factor of customer satisfaction. Because the expected completion of a job for customers in a short time will create satisfaction.

When it comes to the service industry, the quick service will make you feel much more. our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc.For this reason, while providing quality, reliable, honest, independent and impartial services to its customers, it is also trying to be the fastest. Our company is one of the principles that TÜRCERT attaches importance to in order to present the rules and criteria of a service to the customers in a hurry but not in a hurry.

Fast service is important for all organizations operating in the service sector. Service quality is an important selection criterion in terms of customer satisfaction, but customers also pay attention to service quality as well as quick service.

Our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc., in order to create customer satisfaction and to provide fast but quality and reliable service, while making all kinds of product and service certification studies or measurement, analysis, testing, inspection and evaluation services, TS EN The ISO / IEC 17020 complies with the General Criteria for Operating Systems of Various Types of Inspections. TÜRCERT has established the ISO 17020 standard and carries out all its activities according to this standard. In addition, ISO 17020 Certificate has proven this by taking.

Our company TÜRCERT has also attached importance to having a strong manager and staff and a strong infrastructure in order to provide fast service to the customers demanding service from them. Not only in this sector, but also all enterprises producing goods or services can act quickly and in this sense to gain competitive advantage depends on having a highly specialized, trained and experienced staff. Organizations that do not have managers and employees in these features are very likely to make mistakes while trying to be fast.

However, no matter how powerful the staff is, if there is not enough machinery, tools, tools and equipment in the hands of the employees or if these equipment is behind the technology, it will not be possible to be fast again.

Our company TURCERT in this respect mOffered to customers services to provide accurate, fast, quality, complete and reliable The Company has focused on having trained, experienced and responsible employees, and on the other hand, having a solid infrastructure with the latest technology.


In addition, our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc., to improve the level of training and skills of employees and to ensure that they follow all the latest technological developments uses all the opportunities.