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ISO 9001 Quality Management Training

Internationally valid and accredited;
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Training

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Training

ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a customer oriented system. This system targets customer satisfaction and keeps customer expectations and demands above all. In today's ruthless competition environment, the survival of the companies can only be ensured by the adoption and application of quality understanding in the production of goods or services.

In order to prevent the errors that will arise in the production processes of goods and services, to eliminate these errors, or at least to mitigate their effects, in short, to ensure quality in production, continuous controls are required. The purpose of quality control is to ensure product quality.

The basis of the Quality Management System is to determine the responsibility of the top management, to ensure continuity in the development of quality and to ensure the participation of the workforce in quality improvement activities.

The companies that realize this importance of Quality Management System are obliged to establish quality management understanding in their enterprises, to apply ISO 9001 standard and to ensure continuity of this application, to carry out training activities for Quality Management System in every field and level.

Scope of Quality Management System Trainings

The basic principles of Total Quality Management can be explained as increasing the quality of products or services, reducing costs, increasing productivity and providing continuous improvement and development in business processes. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard is also designed based on these principles. These principles are explained first when planning Quality Management System trainings. Then, a series of standards published by the International Standards Organization is discussed. These standards are:

  • ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems, Basics, Terms and Definitions
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Requirements
  • ISO 9004 Quality Management Systems, Guide to Performance Improvements

Each of these standards covers the necessary conditions for the establishment and implementation of the Quality Management System in the companies operating in various sectors in order to increase customer satisfaction. If these standards are complied with, it is proved that the goods and services produced and offered to customers are produced in accordance with an internationally accepted standard.

Mainly, the topics of Quality Management System trainings are as follows:

  • Turkish Standards Institute certification procedure
  • Basic concepts about quality
  • Quality requirements
  • Benefits of Quality Management Systems and certification studies
  • Organizational structure in Quality Management Systems
  • Definition of ISO 9000 series standards
  • Interpretation of ISO 9001 standard clauses
  • Case studies

In addition, our organization organizes training programs with different contents. For example,

  • Quality Management System Basic Training: The aim of this training is to explain the basic concepts of the standard and to contribute to the establishment and implementation of the system in the enterprise. In this framework, TSE certification procedure, basic concepts related to quality, quality requirements, benefits of quality management systems and certification studies, organizational structure in quality management systems are explained.
  • Quality Management System Internal Auditor Training: The purpose of this training is to train the personnel who will carry out internal quality audits in the enterprise. These audits are carried out in order to determine whether the requirements of the standards are complied with in the enterprise, whether they are applied effectively and whether the system is sustainable.
  • Quality Management System documentation training: The purpose of this training is to explain the Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, Quality Handbook, the procedures stipulated by the standard, the application instructions related to the processes and the methods of preparing similar documents that should be prepared during the system installation.

These trainings are given by the trainers of the TÜRCERT certification body, who have the title of Lead Auditor. In these trainings, the participants have the opportunity to make many applications.

our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification trainings about ISO 9001 Quality Management System to all managers and employees and strong infrastructure.



ISO 9001 Quality Management System