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Product Certification

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Product Certification

Turkish Standards Institute was established in 1960 under the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. The standards published by the Turkish Standards Institute are called the Turkish Standard and are voluntary unless the standard is required by the relevant Ministry.

The main task of the Turkish Standards Institute is to prepare or have all kinds of standards needed in various sectors. It examines the national or international standards prepared outside it and, if it deems appropriate, accepts them as Turkish standards. It also conducts scientific technical research on standards, follows similar studies in foreign countries and cooperates with international standards organizations when necessary.

In addition, a duty of the Turkish Standards Institute is to carry out studies that will promote quality production in accordance with the standards. Within this scope, it carries out product certification activities since its establishment. In this context, the first TSE certificate of conformity was given for copper wire in 1964. Today, there are around twenty thousand product certificates in force. Here are a few examples of these product documents:

  • TSE Certificate (Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards)
  • TSEK Certificate (TSE Criteria Certificate)
  • TSE Star Certificate (Certificate of Conformity to TSE Star Criteria)
  • CB Test Certificate (IECEE CB Certificate in the electrotechnical industry)
  • EMC Certificate (Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate)
  • TSE GYB Certificate (Secure Green Building Certificate)
  • G marking on products
  • TSE Halal Certificate of Conformity
  • TSE Halal Slaughter Certificate (certificate of conformity to halal slaughter given to a lot in meat and meat products)
  • TSE Security Certificate

What is Product Certification?

Firms producing a product and service may request product certification to prove that their products comply with specific standards and relevant norms and to provide assurance for their customers.

A number of product certification systems include the initial tests of that product, the evaluation of the quality systems of the product supplier, the inspection of factory quality systems, and the control of samples taken from the factory and the free market.

Product certification systems are carried out in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17065 Conformity Assessment - Requirements for Organizations Performing Product, Process and Service Certification.

What is ISO 17065 Standard?

The ISO 17065 standard defines the rules that should be developed in order to enable companies to work consistently and reliably, to facilitate their acceptance in national and international arena and to compete in the international market in this way as a result of the objective certification studies to be performed by the certification bodies.

This standard is designed to demonstrate the general criteria for companies applying a product certification system. They may contain specific rules depending on the characteristics of the sector. Certification systems for specific products according to specific standards or other norm documents often require the preparation of their own explanatory documents.

What Benefits Does Product Certification Work Provide?

Product certification systems for manufacturing companies provide many benefits from the manufacturing stages of the products produced to the place of use. For example,

  • Companies gain customers' trust
  • Gives the company a competitive advantage in national and international markets
  • Contributes to the continuous development of companies
  • Costs of poor quality leading to errors and product returns
  • Reduces quality control costs
  • Product-dependent operating costs are reduced
  • Production will be made in accordance with standards
  • Customers reach reliable products

Product certification studies are carried out by the manufacturing companies in order to determine the way to apply the product, process and service certification competence in the assessment services, to ensure that these are performed in accordance with the relevant standards and specifications and to establish a certain level of service quality.

our organization TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc.is ready to assist with any doubts about product certification.

Within this scope, our company provides CE Mark European Conformity Certificate, G Mark Construction Materials Conformity Certificate, RoHS Certificate, EurepGAP Certification, GlobalGap Certification, Organic Agriculture Certification, Good Agricultural Practices Certification, GMP Good Production Practices Certification and FSC-COC Forest Management System Certification. .



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Product Certification

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