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ISO 20252: 2012

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ISO 20252 Market Opinion and Social Research Management System Certification and Services

ISO 20252 Market Public Opinion and Social Research Management System

The concept of public opinion came to the forefront and began to be taken into consideration, especially in the twentieth century with the implementation of democratic administrations in the world and mass media began to be effective. Curiosity and learning of people's thoughts and tendencies have been in demand in every field of society, especially in the political field. Therefore, a number of methods have been tried to understand people's thoughts and tendencies. Conducting public opinion surveys is one of these methods.

Public opinion research is the use of a sample group to generalize a larger group and the collection of information from this group in a systematic, scientific and impartial manner. In a sense, public opinion research is the measurement of thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and relationships in people in a cross-section.

Public opinion surveys generally have three main objectives. The first is to determine social realities. The second is to measure people's attitudes and opinions on certain issues. The third is to identify changes in the target audience over time.

Briefly, public opinion survey, systematic collection of information, objective classification of information in order to take a picture of social needs, attitudes, behaviors, tendencies, orientations, expectations and thoughts within the framework of economic, social, political, cultural and daily activities of the people forming a certain segment, recording, analyzing and presenting.

As a concept, public and social research are not different subjects. Both research methods require scientific studies and the attitudes, beliefs, assumptions and habits of people on a particular topic are examined. However, the relationship between one or more variables is investigated in social research activities. For example, searching for a relationship between income level and gender is a social research. Depending on the aims of the research, social scientists investigate the underlying causes of these variables and the relationship between cause and effect. Other variables may be added to such an investigation. Is gender or origin affecting people's income level? So the subject of origin can also be a variable. While conducting social research, ethical thinking and prejudices should be avoided. The reliability and validity of the study depends on this.

What is ISO 20252 Market, Public Opinion and Social Research Management System?

The ISO 20252 standard is prepared under the leadership of the UK, with the participation of countries around 30 with different structures and cultures. In this study, the existing national standards were brought together and a common standard was created. The ISO 20252 standard is an international standard that establishes a common level of quality worldwide in global market research.

Previously, different standards prepared by each country were used and in this case, due to the social and cultural differences between the countries, the definitions and terms used were handled differently and there were inconsistencies. When designing the ISO 20252 standard, these national standards were handled separately and the market, public opinion, social and other researches were made more transparent, more accurate and more valid.

Factors that led to the emergence of the ISO 2006 Market, Public Opinion and Social Research Management System standard published by the International Standards Organization in 20252 are:

  • Eliminate cultural and cultural differences between countries and related social and behavioral differences and discrepancies due to different terms and definitions
  • The need for a common standard to ensure that market, public and social research is consistent, transparent and internationally valid

In this way, the ISO 20252 standard, which has a common level of quality for global market research, has emerged worldwide.

Public opinion and social research are regularly conducted in many countries today. These surveys measure and publish public opinion on various social and political issues. It is a topic that people, journalists and politicians often bring to discussion.

Prior to the ISO 20252 standard, the Guidelines for Publication of ESOMAR Public Opinion Research, published by the World Association of Marketing and Opinion Researchers (ESOMAR) in 1983, were used. In addition, ESOMAR issued a statement on the role of public opinion research in democratic systems. In addition to this, the Association of Market Research Quality Standards (MRQSA) had studies in this direction. With the publication of the ISO 20252 standard, these international organizations have also supported this new standard prepared by the International Standards Organization.

In fact, public opinion research and freedom are a whole together. Confidence is in the forefront in the relationship between the companies that conduct these studies and the people whose opinions are asked in the field. Although the results will disturb a segment of society, all views are reliable if they can be expressed freely. The ISO 20252 standard has principles that create this sense of trust.

Who can apply the ISO 20252 standard and what benefits can it achieve?

The ISO 20252 standard can be used by companies of all sizes that engage in market research, public opinion research or social research. The benefits of these companies if they operate in accordance with ISO 20252 standard are as follows:

  • Provides reliable, accurate and valid information
  • Risks from errors or misunderstandings are eliminated
  • Likewise, efficiency in risk management is ensured through studies carried out in accordance with international legal regulations.
  • Increases productivity of the company
  • Firm's reputation increases and superiority over competing firms
  • Building trust in customers
  • The company's product and service quality increases
  • Overcoming commercial barriers more easily and gaining international business opportunities
  • Ease and speed are gained by defining business processes, which increases productivity in the services provided

What is the scope of the ISO 20252 Standard?

The ISO 20252 standard covers:

  • Research process management requirements. Under this title, the organizational chart expressing the duties and responsibilities, the confidentiality understanding in the works, the training and qualifications of the employees, the procedures and requirements for outsourcing and the necessary documentation conditions are explained.
  • Managing the stages of conducting the research. Under this heading, receiving research requests, preparing the project plan, cooperating with customers, preparing questionnaires and discussion guides, determining sampling and data processing management, documents and materials to be used in the research and reporting of research results are explained.
  • Data collecting. Under this heading, the requirements for field studies, which are the basis of data collection, are explained. Selection, training, management of field workers, conducting data collection on site, controlling works in the field, data collection processes and records to be kept are explained.
  • Data management and processing. Under this title, the management and processing of the data collected in the field, data entry from the printed form, accuracy of information that does not require data entry, coding, data editing, data analysis, and storage processes are explained.
  • Reporting the research project. Under this heading, the requirements for reporting covering quantitative, qualitative and observational research are explained.

What is ISO 20252 Certificate?

Companies conducting market research, public opinion research or social research activities may apply to an accredited certification body and obtain an ISO 20252 Certificate if they have established and implemented the ISO 20252 standard in their business.

ISO 20252 Certificate is issued and delivered to the company if it is found that the company meets the necessary conditions after the audits to be performed by the certification body.

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ISO 20252 Certificate

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