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ISO 28000: 2007

Internationally approved and accredited;
ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System Certification and Certification Services

ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System

Supply chain is the whole of the activities required to obtain the inputs required for production activities, to process them to be presented to customers and then to deliver them to consumers through a distribution system. In this way, a supply chain is a multi-stage structure that includes many employees and covers many companies. There are many activities to be managed within the scope of supply chain. For example, harmonization among the companies that make up the chain, preparing products and services in line with the expectations of the consumers in the last link of the chain, creating customer satisfaction, creating simplicity in the activities on the chain, keeping stocks at all stages in the most appropriate way, reducing unnecessary costs and determining the demand within the chain correctly.

Companies need to create a strong supply chain in order to create the value expected from them, to survive in a competitive environment and to establish an order that can create customer satisfaction. Issues related to supply chain management have a significant place in the management of companies today. The issue of supply chain is handled in many different dimensions from the supplier selection process to the relations with consumers, from the creation of supply chain structures to the integration with the companies on the supply chain.

It is not in vain that today's companies focus on the supply chain in this way. First of all, when additional resources are needed within the scope of efforts to reduce costs and improve processes, spreading this towards suppliers and distribution channels creates advantages for the company. Companies have been using computer-based techniques and methods such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Total Quality Management (TQM) and business process restructuring (BPR) over the last decade. It is also necessary to optimize the company and to provide consumers with high level and quality products and services.

The supply chain can be defined as a joint process involving many companies called suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Activities in this process:

  • Supply of raw materials required for production
  • Converting this raw material into a product to be offered to consumers
  • Delivering this final product to retailer companies

In this chain, there is a forward product flow and backward information flow. Until recently, experts and researchers have dealt with the various processes in the supply chain separately. However, in recent years, supply chain activities have started to be considered as a whole and more attention has been given to issues such as design, performance and analysis of the supply chain.

There are many factors that keep the supply chain phenomenon so alive and raise it. Here are a few of them:

  • Increases in manufacturing costs
  • Contraction in manufacturing-based resources
  • Reduced product life
  • The need for simplification in production activities such as eliminating unnecessary activities
  • Acceptance of lean manufacturing
  • Increasing globalization in market economies
  • Other differences in the production environment

How was the ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System Created?

Companies that produce a product or service can always be customers of another company. In simple terms, the establishment of the supply chain stems from such a ball of relations. Breakdowns or security problems may arise from time to time between different firms from different sectors in a supply chain, and this may adversely affect firms. ISO 2007 Supply Chain Safety Management System standards were published in 28000 by the International Standards Organization in order to ensure the safe establishment and maintenance of the supply chain.

In fact, the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard also sets out sufficient criteria and assessment methods for relations with suppliers. However, it was still beneficial to establish a separate standard on the management system of the supply chain, especially for suppliers and organizations. With this feature, if the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard has already been established and applied in the company, it is quite easy to integrate the ISO 28000 standard into this system.

The ISO 28000 standard is crucial to accurately identifying and managing these risks in the supply chain. This standard describes the security requirements of the chain and provides a management model for companies wishing to establish and implement this system.

Should ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System Certificate be obtained?

When the security of the supply chain is mentioned, it is understood that intentional and unauthorized actions are done to damage the supply chain. It is necessary to carry out risk assessment and control of risks in some areas. Some of these areas are:

  • Human or system-based factors affecting firm performance, conditions and safety
  • Floods, storms and similar natural events that adversely affect security measures
  • Events that occur outside the control of the company in products and services procured from outside
  • Failure to comply with legal regulations or damage the brand or image of the company its partners risks and threats
  • Factors such as design, maintenance, use and replacement of safety materials
  • Other events that threaten the continuity of firm activities

All companies over the supply chain, or some of them, have established and implemented ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System in their businesses and can apply for an ISO 28000 Certificate by applying to a certification body. In this case, ISO 28000 Certificate can be given to the company if they pass the necessary audits.

Companies operating in many sectors need the ISO 28000 standard in order to avoid any problems or disruptions that occur at any point in the supply chain and to take immediate and correct action against them. ISO 28000 Certificate shows that the relations and responsibilities with supplier companies are established and managed effectively.

Which Companies Can Receive ISO 28000 Certificate?

Supply chain is a process that covers the activities of products or services extending from suppliers to consumers and natural resources and raw materials are turned into a product to be offered to consumers. In this process, there are many stages such as environmental and biological arrangements of natural resources, extraction of raw materials, storage, production and assembly works and delivery of finished products to consumers. Each activity may be carried out by different companies.

In short, the supply chain is a whole consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, logistics companies and distributors that take part in all the processes that involve the reaching and recycling of any product starting from raw materials to consumers.

This explanation shows that in this process different locations such as production place, port, warehouse, container and customs, different operations, loading, packaging, control and handling, different transportation modes such as air, land, sea and railway, different cargo types and national or international zones at different levels of security. Therefore, companies operating in all these areas can establish ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System and obtain ISO 28000 Certificate.

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