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Food Certification

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Food Certification

The emergence and increase of food-borne diseases is increasingly affecting societies in health, social and economic terms. Biotoxins, chemical substances, microbiological hazards and food additives that may be present in the foods above the permitted levels make foodstuffs harmful to human health.

Due to drastic changes in food processing, production, distribution and consumption processes, consumers are no longer confident about the safety of the food they consume. Food-related problems not only affect human health, but also affect the economic and social structures of people, families, society, businesses and, ultimately, the country.

Today, with the development of food industry and globalization of food trade, food production and distribution methods have changed. Food and feedstuffs are produced in many different ways and using different methods than before, and are delivered to very remote locations in a very short time. However, food-borne adversities are also rapidly being transported to many points. The dioxin crisis in the early 2000 years is an example. Dioxin-containing feeds were sent to more than 1500 farms from a single source. Food products obtained from animals fed with these feeds spread throughout the world within a few weeks. Both the health and the economic effects of this crisis are still continuing. There is no chance of further new risks in the future.

Considering the increase in urbanization, very strict sanctions should be applied in food production, distribution, storage and food service establishments and food safety systems should be implemented effectively.

With globalization, consumers are offered variety in food products, but it has become more important to provide quality, safe and economic foodstuffs that meet consumer expectations and needs. As a result of these changes, GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), GMP (New quality systems have emerged, such as Good Manufacturing Practices and GHP (Good Hygiene Practices).

What is obtained with food certification studies?

The above-mentioned food safety systems are designed to eliminate or minimize food-borne hazards, and their common approach is to ensure food safety from farms to the consumer's table. For this purpose, all stages of the food chain from raw materials to consumption of foods are examined in detail, controls are made and necessary measures are taken.

Consumers are now aware of the various microorganisms and various chemicals that cause disease in foods and the dangers caused by them. Food safety systems and standards established by national and international organizations address these hazards. The companies that establish these systems in their businesses obtain the documents of these systems in order to prove this to the consumers.

BRC FOOD Food Certificate, HACCP Certificate, HALAL Islamic Conformity Certificate, ISO TS 13027 Hygiene Sanitation Certificate, FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certificate, GAP Good Agricultural Practices Certificate, GMP by applying to an accredited certification institution. It receives Good Production Practices Certificate and similar food certificates.

In today's more competitive environment, it will be possible for companies to become stronger only by applying these standards and obtaining these documents.

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